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What is a biological wastewater treatment?

Biological wastewater treatment is an environmentally friendly alternative to the central sewerage. Contaminated water in the bio-treatment plant is cleaned of chemical and organic waste with the help of the station. As a result, technical water (which is more than 95% cleaned) can be used to irrigate plants or run directly into the ground.

The bio-treatment plant does not have an unpleasant odor, it is easy to operate and does not require the service of an aspirator.









Why Bio-treatment plant?


The advantages of the bio-treatment plant are the absence of unpleasant odors, ease of installation, minimal maintenance. This is a reliable solution to the problem of wastewater disposal.

Bio-treatment plants are used for private homes as well as hotels, restaurants, and any other types of commercial or non-commercial facilities

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Advantages of a bio-treatment plant

No unpleasant odor

The local bio-treatment plant has no downsides, which is not the case with concrete sewers and standard septic tanks. These alternatives, among other problems, are dangerous to human health, as well as no less harmful to the environment. All this is caused by the accumulation of fecal gases, as well as improper disposal of harmful substances. Bio-treatment systems avoid all this.

Ease of installation

Due to its small size and convenient construction, installing a bio-treatment system is simple and it helps us to avoid wasting extra time and money. Installing a system requires much less effort than just a concrete sewer pit. Moreover, unlike the latter, it has a great advantage – no need to use an sewage replacement machine. In addition, the system can be placed in any part of the plot, even away from the road.

Minimum maintenance

As a result of the operation of the plant we get 95-98% purified water, which can be discharged into the drainage system, as well as into the river, lake, or just can be used to irrigate the plants. The only thing that needs to be done is to pump out the sludge once every few years with any fecal pump.

Work performed

Ecofriendly alternative to central sewerage system


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Ecofriendly alternative to central sewerage system

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