What is a biological wastewater treatment plant?

Biological wastewater treatment plant is an environmentally friendly alternative to central sewage, water in the bio-treatment plant is filtered up to 95-98% of chemical and organic waste, technical water can be used to irrigate plants or run directly into the ground. The  wastewater treatment plant does not have an unpleasant odor, very easy operation process and does not require permanent cleaning service.

How do I determine wastewater treatment plant capacity to purchase?

In the case of a private house, wastewater treatment plant capacity depends on the number of permanent inhabitants; In the case of a industrial, it is essential to know approximately how many people the building is designed for, as well as  the maximum water consumption during the day. Please contact our call center, or write us your phone number and we will help you to find out all detailed information.

How much does a household biological wastewater treatment plant cost?

The price of household appliances depends on the number of regular customers, bathrooms and other criteria.
Our company offers biocleaning machines from different price categories and with different characteristics.

See prices on the link: https://bluewaters.ge/biogamtsmendebi-2/

What is a biological wastewater treatment plant price for a commercial use?

For commercial offer and other details please contact our call center.

Phone Numbers: 032 2 83 11 88/598 83 11 88;

Do you have a discount or special offers?

Yes, sure, a 10% discount is available  in case of pre-order,  deliver term of purchased biological wastewater treatment plant with pre-order  is 1 month.

What is a biological wastewater treatment plant operation cost per day?

Total consumption of  biological wastewater treatment plant – 2 kilowatts of electricity during  the 24h, accordingly approximate cost is 0.5 GEL.

What are the installment terms?

Bank of Georgia installment service is available. First of all simply select the desired wastewater treatment plant model in our online store, add it to the cart, click the purchase button and indicate “Bank of Georgia installment” in the payment section. Fill the application form.  The installment terms are specific to the customer, so after the filling out the application, you will find out the details of specific offer.

How long does installation process take?

Installation process takes 1 or 2 days (depending on the complexity of the installation area,  ground)
In case of pre-order, up to 1 month is required for delivery the wastewater treatment plant.

Does biological wastewater treatment plant need any additional intervention / procedure during the operating process?

Does biological wastewater treatment plant does not require any specific intervention on a daily basis. biological wastewater treatment plant  needs to be cleaned every 2-3 years.

Does the biological wastewater treatment plant have an unpleasant odor and/or sound during operation?

The biological wastewater treatment plant has no unpleasant odor and/or any annoying sound.

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