About Us

Blue Waters is an eco-friendly company.

Today, 40% of Georgia’s population still does not have access to a central sewage system. Artificially dug sewage wells pollute the soil and water, leave an unpleasant smell, in short, what should be unnoticed in everyday life, sometimes turns into a daily headache.
This very problem became our inspiration and we took it upon ourselves to become an invisible part of your everyday life.

That’s how we started introducing wastewater bio-purification devices to the Georgian market, which are an ideal alternative to the central sewage system.

The story of our eco-friendly company begins in 2019, when we started thinking about solving a large-scale problem that causes incredible damage to the environment. We believe that this (household) issue can be solved by introducing technologies of aeration bio-purification system.

At first, we got to know the experience of the developed countries of the world in solving this problem, contacted more than one foreign company, thoroughly studied the specifics of their system and technologies, and decided to start cooperation with them. Based on outstanding technologies, standard and quality, we decided to start partnerships with the companies: Eurobion, Optima-Art, Eco-Art, SANI and TRAIDENIS.

At the beginning of 2021, we actively started our activities. We founded the company – Blue Waters, signed exclusive representative contracts with suppliers and officially introduced products to the Georgian market. Soon, we were contacted by the first customers – people and companies who understood the seriousness of the problems related to the sewage system and understood how important an eco-friendly solution to this problem was.

The European experience of fighting this problem has worked successfully throughout Georgia, and today, the demand for Blue Waters service is quite high.